Featuring a modular design and customisable layouts, Elsewhere Pods adapt seamlessly to your businesses needs.  Embrace the future of commercial space design with Elsewhere Pods and transform your business vision into reality today. 

Elevate your business with Elsewhere Pods as versatile commercial spaces. Whether you're launching a trendy cafe, boutique shop, or innovative co-working hub, our pods offer unparalleled flexibility and style, providing a unique, eye-catching space that stands out from the crowd. 

Designed with comfort, functionality and style in mind, our pods offer a cosy retreat for ageing loved ones or a stylish getaway for guests. With our modular construction and customisation options, Elsewhere Pods blend effortlessly into your backyard.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Design Meeting


Order Agreement

Delivery & Installation

With a 14 week average turnaround time from order placement to finished installation, our team is here to support your project every step of the way.